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What is aluminum alloy prototype drawing process?

15 Published by admin Mar 24,2020

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Aluminum alloy prototype is now a very common prototype, good strength, light weight.And very convenient do surface treatment, be like: blast arenaceous oxidation, draw silk oxidation, dusting, bake lacquer to wait to be ok.Today we will learn what is aluminum alloy prototype drawing process!

Aluminum alloy prototype surface drawing process can be made according to the product needs, thick and fine lines, straight lines, random lines, ripples, threads and spiral lines.

Random grain drawing is a matte grain with no rules and no obvious lines, which is obtained by moving the aluminum alloy prototype around under the high-speed copper wire brush.In this process, the surface requirements of aluminum or aluminum alloy prototype are higher.


Straight drawing refers to machining straight lines on the surface of aluminum alloy by mechanical friction.It has the double function of brushing off the scratch on the surface of aluminum plate and decorating the surface of aluminum plate.

Ripples are generally made in a polishing machine or a striping machine. By using the axial motion of the upper group of grinding rollers, a wavy pattern is obtained on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy prototype.


Wiredrawing is a repair process, also can play a beautiful role, because the metal surface local scratches, the whole surface with wiredrawing machine to make a consistent scratch (reduce the wall thickness) cover local scratches, but scratch is not good to avoid, so it is commonly used.Drawing not only brush off the surface of the aluminum plate scratches, but also beautify the decorative aluminum plate surface of the double role.

After general drawing, the need to do a layer of oxidation on the surface of the aluminum!Can prevent aluminum alloy and air contact discoloration, and can be made of a variety of colors to enhance the aesthetic!

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