Aluminum extrusion technology

Aluminum extrusion is a process of placing aluminum alloy into an extrusion cylinder and applying a certain pressure to make it flow out from a specific die hole, so as to obtain the required cross-sectional shape and size of the method.Aluminum extrusion technology is highly versatile, allowing for the creation of a wide range of shapes and sizes, from simple rods and bars to intricate hollow sections.

Direct Extrusion Operation

Advantages of aluminum extrusion technology

In comparison to other products, aluminum extrusions are the preferential option due to their unique combination of lightness and toughness. From the industry viewpoint, aluminum extrusion has additional advantages:

to aluminum castings.

Aluminum extrusion technology

1)Lightweight:Suitable for automotive, aerospace, etc.

2)High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:  Aluminum alloys can be optimized for various strength requirements

3)Good thermal conductivity:Suitable for applications such as radiators

4)Fashionable appearance:Aluminum extrusions can be finished in different ways, including anodizing, painting, and powder coating, to enhance their appearance and durability. 

5)Wide application range: Including construction, automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and renewable energy.

6)Cost-Effective Production:High production efficiency, less material waste, reducing the need for secondary processing, saving time and cost.

7)Environmental protection:Aluminum is highly recyclable and is an environmentally sustainable material.

To complement our aluminum extrusion services, we also provide multi-axis CNC post-machining services, such as hole drilling and tapping. Wire EDM is also available for short-run orders that don’t need a dedicated extrusion die.

We can carry out subsequent surface finishing operations according to your requirements.. This includes polishing, anodizing, painting and powder coating to complete your parts.

What Kinds of Shapes Can be Extruded?

What Kinds of Shapes Can be Extruded?

There are three main categories of extruded shapes:

Solid, with no enclosed voids or openings (i.e. a rod, beam, or angle).

Hollow, with one or more voids (i.e. square or rectangular tube).

Semi-hollow, with a partially enclosed void (i.e. a “C” channel with a narrow gap)

Extrusion has innumerable applications across many different industries, including the architectural, automotive, electronics, aerospace, energy, Electronics industry, Lighting, Solar energyand other industries.


Press sizes: 450T ~ 3000T

Minimum order volume: 0.5 ton aluminum for smaller machines, 1.0 ton of 6063 aluminum for larger machines.

Tooling lead time: 2 weeks for small molds, 4 weeks for larger molds.

Post-machining: Full service CNC cutting, threading, slotting, face milling, etc.


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