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Transparent PMMA Auto Light Made By CNC Machining

1,707 Published by admin May 11,2019

Part name:  Transparent  PMMA Auto Light made by CNC Machining

Material: PMMA(acrylic)+ABS

Method of manufacturing: CNC machining

Surface treatment: polished, electroplating

Use: Design testing, model for exhibition.

Lead time: 5-7 working days

Type: auto parts

 CNC Machining

This is a customized high end auto parts made by CNC machining, made by PMMA and ABS.

At first we machined it by CNC, both the ABS parts and PMMA parts, then we need polish, polish the PMMA transparent, and polish the ABS parts very smoothly before silver electroplating.

If you are interested this kind of transparent parts, feel free to contact us.

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