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Vacuum Casting plastic components prototypes

1,256 Published by admin Apr 02,2019

Vacuum Casting plastic components

Case study

Product Name: vacumm casting plastic components.

Material: Black ABS

Quantity: 20 pcs

Process method: Silicone molding/vacuum casting

Surface finish: smooth

Advantage: low cost, fast lead time and low risk.

Description: These are plastic components, made by black ABS


  • Making the master piece

First, a solid master piece or pattern is required, this can be made of any stable material , then we will use CNC machining or one of our rapid prototype service to make it .

  • Create the silicone mold

Use this master piece to make a product shape in the silicone mold , so later will leave a hollow cavity in the silicone mold which is an exact conformity of the original shape.

  • Making the small batch production

When the silicone mold has been finished , then we can creating a solid and stable replica of original plastic component master pattern. Usually the life span of the silcione mold is 15-20pcs/mold.

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