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CNC Machining Transparent PMMA High Glossy Car Light Part

882 Published by admin Sep 25,2019

Product Name: CNC Machining Transparent High Glossy PMMA Car Light Part

Material: Clear PMMA

Quantity: 1-60 units

Process method: CNC Machining

Surface finish:sand paper grinding+polishing

Advantage: good finish, low cost, fast lead time and low risk.

CNC machining



1)Modeling and programming.

2) Cutting the material and start to CNC machining its structure, including its appearance and inner structure.

3) After CNC machining finished, it requires polishing to make all the surface smooth.

4) Finished polishing, we will make sandblasting as required

5) After sandblasting, it will do colored anodizing as required

Description:Usually, most metal prototyping are made by CNC machining way. Because it is high efficiency, high precision and stable processing quality, CNC machine become the necessary equipment of manufacturers. Maybe some engineers only know the prototype was produced through CNC machining, but they can’t really understand its specific process and details. In fact, understanding the process will help the project to work better.

CNC machining

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