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High Glossy Plastic Casing Prototype by Vacuum Casting

1,497 Published by admin Jun 22,2019

Plastic Casing Prototype

Part name:  High Glossy Plastic Casing Prototype by Vacuum Casting

Material: acrylic, ABS

Method of manufacturing: CNC+Vacuum Casting

Surface treatment: polished

Use: Design testing, model for exhibition.

Lead time: 5–7 working days

Type: household appliances


Plastic Casing Prototype



1. Cutting the acrylic material and start to CNC its structure for the prototype, including its appearance and inner structure.

2.After CNC machining finished,we need glue them together and measuring its dimensions, there will be a Fixture to make sure the dimensions good.

3.It requires polishing to make the acrylic to be transparent to be a good prototype.

4.Then we use this transparent prototype to create the silicone mold.

5.After the silicone mold finished, we can start the casting stage.

6.At the end we just need do some deburr will be ok.

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