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Multi-function Speaker Prototype by CNC Machining

901 Published by admin Sep 27,2019

CNC MachiningPart name:   Multi-function Speaker Prototype by CNC Machining

Material: ABS, Aluminum

Method of manufacturing: CNC Machining

Surface treatment: polished, sandblast, painting, silk screen printing, high glossy UV coating, brushed, anodized, electroplating

Use: Design testing, model for exhibition.
Lead time: 5–7 working days
Type: household appliance



  1. CNC Programming: This product include plastic and metal parts

Input the 3d drawings into Computer Numerical Control center and implement the command, CNC machine will start working and the cutter will move on the material block according to the tooling path.

  1. Polishing: There are some burrs and rough parts on the prototype after CNC machined. It requires polishing with sand paper by hands.CNC Machining
  2. Surface finishing: Painting the plastic parts and anodized the aluminum parts as client required.

Anodized the aluminum parts, do some brushed,  after that, we did silk screen, electroplating and UV coating on the parts to make it shiny.

4.Assemble and QC: Our production department carefully assembled the prototypes according to client’s 3D assemble files.

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