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Plastic Temperature Sensor Box Made by Aluminum Mold

449 Published by admin Nov 13,2019

Product Name: Plastic Temperature Sensor Box Made by Aluminum Mold

Material: Grey ABS

Quantity: 800 units

Process method: Injection molidng with aluminum mold.

Surface finish: Fine texture

Advantage: low cost, fast lead time. Good for small volume production, like 500-2000 pcs.

aluminum mold


Description: Aluminium tooling is very suitable or low-volume production prototype runs, providing a cost effective solution with shorter lead-time than traditional production tooling. For rapid tooling, we can typically be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling, with a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional moulds. Typically, we are able to go from initial DFM design through to tooling manufacture, mould flow analysis, and initial samples in approximately 5 to 28 calendar days(depending on product complexity and tool functionality). Kaierwo Rapid’s professional knowledge and expertise in rapid manufacturing really does cut down a lot of the time & cost of producing your prototype!

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