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PMMA Light Guide Prototyping by CNC machining

1,111 Published by admin Oct 23,2019

CNC machining

Part name:  PMMA Light Guide Prototyping by CNC machining

Material: ABS,acrylic

Method of manufacturing: CNC Machining

Surface treatment: polished, painting, silver electroplating

Use: Design testing, model for exhibition.
Lead time: 5–7 working days
Type: auto parts

This is one of many light guides we’ve made for the automotive industry. The part was made by high Speed CNC Milling from solid PMMA block, and polished by hand. We use 4 axis or 5 axis milling to achieve the twist sharp. R 0.15mm cutter and more than 20000 RPM to ensure maximum transparence of the teeth. No hand finish on these feature at all. So the parts are absolutely true to the design geometry, and without blemish. The customer was more than happy when they received the part.

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