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Small batch vacuum casting plastic part rapid prototype by silicon mold

1,462 Published by admin Jul 04,2019

Vacuum casting

Project name: Small batch vacuum casting plastic horse rapid prototype by silicone mold

Tolerance: +/-0.1MM

Material: ABS

Machined way: Vacuum casting

Leading time: 3-4 working days

MOQ: 3+ set

Surface finishing:Polishing +Painting

Use: Design testing, model for exhibition.

Vacuum casting

Advantage: fast speed, High precision, low development cost, short lead time and low risk.


Description:This is OEM horse prototype model ,made from plastic ABS material.When QTY is more than 3 pcs,usually will use vacuum casting (silicone mold) process to make,each mold can be used 15-20times, it is very suit for small batch production .and silicone mold only suit for plastic part .Most of customer will used this process to make small batch production or testing .

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