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What are the common problems with Silicone Prototype?

303 Published by admin Mar 25,2020

In the process of making Silicone Prototype, a variety of problems often occur that affect the quality of Silicone Prototype. Today we will learn about some common Silicone Prototype problems and how to deal with them.

1. less turning times

Too much silicone oil was added in the process of making the silicone prototype, and the silicone oil destroyed the molecular weight of the silicone, so the silicone prototype would be less times of turning over and not durable.If you make small products with complex patterns, with a large hardness of silica gel to open the mold, there will be less times of turning over the phenomenon, we should use suitable for the product hardness of silica gel to make the mold will not appear this situation.

2.Die burning phenomenon

Because unsaturated resin and resin products with peroxide curing agent after the reaction of the resin will produce a lot of heat, the general resin curing time is 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to demoulding as soon as possible, to prevent the silicone prototype will not produce the phenomenon of burning.


3.The appearance of dry in the phenomenon

Silica gel prototype is a condensation type of silica gel, it is by absorbing moisture in the air and curing, silica gel in the process of making, the moisture evaporated, and did not adjust the right amount of moisture, will appear this phenomenon.This is because there is no control of water, improve the silica gel storage period, shelf life for a long time will appear some phenomenon, as long as in the use of silica gel, an appropriate amount of 0.05% water, stir evenly can be solved.

4.The phenomenon of tension difference

Customers in the process of making silicone prototype, in order to reduce the viscosity of the silica gel, the silica gel is easy to operation and a large amount of added silicone oil in the silica gel, this will make silicone is very soft, not resistant, pull, tear strength is reduced, the phenomenon of tension variation, resulting in the silicone prototype is not durable, service life is short, the phenomenon such as fewer rolling over.The mold silicone itself will not emit oil, the emergence of the oil is because in the operation process to add compound silicone oil (silicon oil and white mineral oil complex ligand), because the white mineral oil is petrochemical products, not silicon oil.

5.Silica gel prototype is not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to aging

In the process of making the silicone prototype, we suggest that the customer had better not add any silicone oil, if necessary, the amount of silicone oil added should not exceed 5% ~ 10% at most.Because the amount of silicone oil added too much will destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold will produce acid and alkali resistant, resistant to aging phenomenon.

6.The mold surface appears the mark, the stripe, not smooth and so on the phenomenon

This occurs because the product or model to be copied has not been polished or polished.In fact, the model or product itself is not smooth or perfect, so if the product or model to be copied is not polished or polished, then the best silicone mold will not be beautiful, not smooth enough.Still have a kind of circumstance is, when hitting demoulding agent, do not have besmear to brush even also can cause die not smooth.

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