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What is the difference between blistering and injection molding?

844 Published by admin May 21,2019

Do you know the difference between the injection molding process and the plastic molding process?

1, different production methods

Blistering is to heat the sheet and then push the sheet out to bond the sheet and the mold by suction, and then cool and shape;

Injection molding is to press the hot-melted plastic onto the injection mold under pressure, and then cool and finalize the finished product.

2, different types of use

Blister is mostly used in electronic products, digital products, toys, stationery, hardware accessories, etc. The types of plastic products are blister boxes, blister bulbs, blister trays, blister hoods, etc.;

Injection molding is commonly used in mobile phone cases, computer cases, plastic cups, mouse cases, hardware accessories, and the like.

Injection molding

3, different production cycle

The plastic product is a hot and soft production mode, which can be used to mold multiple products at one time;

The injection mold has a long production cycle and is produced by pressing a single product of a single mold. Therefore, it is necessary to separately divide the product to form a product.

4, from the practical application

Blister is a product in the form of a package, and injection molding is a product in the form of an article, and the same is that the two are products of a plastic type.

injection molding

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