Dust-free Injection Service

Kaierwo dust-free injection workshop was established in 2014,we have a 10K class dust-free injection molding workshop and assembly workshop. The scrap, feeding, and mixing workshops are completely separated to prevent the mutual influence between the different production links. The feeding and mixing rooms are separated into small rooms, and the scrap room is far away from the dust-free workshop area. The mold room is placed outside the dust-free injection workshop. Before entering the dust-free room, it must be air-showered first.

In addition, dust-free air-conditioning boxes are installed to make the air purification and filtration system meet the design requirements for a 10k standard room. Large amounts of hot exhaust gas can be generated during the injection molding process, and this is collected and discharged out of the cleanroom. Activated carbon exhaust treatment equipment is installed to centrally treat and discharge the exhaust gas.

Fully automatic feeding, picking and conveying systems are in place. A high-pressure automated feeding system is used for raw injection molding materials, through stainless steel pipes. The injection molding machine picks up parts using a fully automatic robotic arm combined with a ramp conveyor beltline for picking up parts.

The operators work in the packing & checking room, and the conveyor belt transports the products to a large beltline. The finished products are transported to the inspection room through the large beltline, where the operators assess, classify, and arrange the qualified products.

Video of Dust-free workshop

Video of Dust-free workshop

Our Certificate

  • 10K Class dust-free certificate

  • ISO9001:2015

  • ISO13845

The 100000-class dust-free workshop is used in many industrial sectors such as the manufacture of optical products the manufacture of smaller components, the manufacture of large electronic systems the manufacture of hydraulic or pneumatic systems the production of food and beverages and the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Use this level of clean room.

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