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How to reduce the production cost of 3D printing technology?

410 Published by admin Oct 14,2019

3D printing  technology is a new type of manufacturing technology that saves time and money, and can help us improve the manufacturing process.

Using 3D printing technology in prototyping and production process can obviously help your company. Let us know in detail how these factors affect your manufacturing costs and help your company save money.

3D printing technologyReduce mould investment

3D printing service helps to reduce the cost of mould use. For example, 3D printing technology is a good way to manufacture parts directly or skip some traditional processing methods to assemble through 3D printing service equipment. Carmaker Opel admitted that mold costs during assembly were reduced by 90%. Another example is that Jabil’s Auburn Hills factory is also using 3D printing services, which reduces mold costs by 30 per cent, which is important. This depends on the proportion of your business and 3D printing technology, but it is clearly a way to reduce the cost of tools.


3D printing technologyAccelerate product development process

When using traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding, you have to create a mold before making a product, which is expensive and takes a lot of time. After using 3D printing technology, you only need to prepare a 3D printing file to modify the parameters at will, so that the product can be produced quickly and iteratively when the prototype is made.

In addition, 3D printing technology can make complex design prototype, which is difficult to meet by traditional manufacturing process. Therefore, using 3D printing technology to develop such projects will take less time and can save you more production costs.


3d printing

Optimum design

If you want to use the 3D printing service, you must optimize the 3D printing model for 3D printing. Processing the design of the product allows you to optimize 3D printing parts and reduce their costs. Efficient design can help you save money. Indeed, when you create a model using 3D modeling software, you can carefully design prototypes that can be really optimized and use the least amount of material. For example, you can use grid or cellular designs or such designs to reduce manufacturing costs! In addition, if you have a well-designed 3D printing part, it will significantly reduce the difficulty of post-processing, thus increasing the cost and time of product development.

3D printing technologyCheap 3D printing material

Different 3D printing materials have different characteristics. You will have to find the best material for your project. For example, you need high appearance display accuracy, you can consider the choice of photosensitive resin materials for prototype production. If your product only needs the strength requirement of civil use, the ordinary ABS,PLA material can meet the demand.


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