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Do you know how to paint 3D printing prototypes?

296 Published by admin Mar 12,2020

Do you know how to paint 3D printing prototypes?At present, 3D printing prototypes are more and more applicable, but most 3D printing prototypes are monochrome. In order to make the prototypes “colorful”, we need to paint the 3D printing prototypes later.

3D printing prototypes

Method 1.: spray paint

At present, one of the main coloring processes for 3D printing prototypes is painting.Paint operation is relatively simple, suitable for small model or model fine part coloring, spray irrigation is mostly oil paint, high adhesion, high color gloss, wide range of application.Before painting, it is necessary to conduct a trial spray to check whether the color concentration is appropriate.Because of the influence of spraying technology and paint dryness, only single color, multi-color spraying is more difficult.

Color method 2: manual

Manual coloring is a kind of coloring method with high frequency. It is easy to operate and suitable for complex details.When coloring, need to back and forth flat two or three times, so you can reduce the freehand sketch produced, make the color uniform and full.When painting, you can do it a second time when the first layer is drying, but the direction of the second brush should be perpendicular to the first layer.

When manual coloring, the pigment that USES basically has waterborne paint and oily paint two kinds big.Water – based paint adhesion and color performance than oil paint slightly less, but less toxic.To make the paint smoother, dilute it by dropping in some of the same brand of solvent.

Method 3: impregnation

Impregnation is only applicable to nylon materials, the cost is higher than pure manual and painting.It takes only 30 minutes to finish the finished product. However, the appearance of the finished product is not so good, because the immersion is dark and the gloss is low.

Method 4: electroplating

3D printed prototypes often use electroplating, but less electroplating.However, its gloss is better, the final appearance is also better.

Electroplating is only applicable to metal or ABS plastic, its use of the point solution principle, on the metal surface on a thin layer of other metals or alloys, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective.

Method 5: nanometer spraying

Nanocrystalline plating is one of the most common methods of coloring 3D printed prototypes.Nanometer spraying is currently the world’s very cutting-edge spraying technology, suitable for a variety of materials, the same work can be used at the same time a variety of colors, regardless of the size and shape of the image, and the color transition is also relatively natural.

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