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3D Printing service , SLA and SLS

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3D printing is utilized for many prototyping applications. Our most popular resin is imported 14120 from SOMOS USA; with toughness similar to ABS, it is suitable for a vast range of models and purposes. Our SLA machines are manufactured in China with imported Japanese parts and utilizing German engineering knowhow. We ensure the tolerances are controlled to +0.05 mm and neither the complexity of the structure or Surface presents any problems.    

3D Printing service 

Kaierwo 3D printing models service are dispatched within 3-4 days from receipt of good quality STL, IGES, or STEP CAD files.

3D printing(SLA/SLS) has been used to many fields, medical, toy,military, industry, household areas etc, our own factory 3D is only limited into plastic parts for mass applications, the advantage of this printer help us to shorten greatly time cost in make the first samples, although it has great weakness that is broken easily, however with our vacuum casting service, and much suitable products would be created within 5 days.

Materials Epoxy resin Polyamide ( Nylon )
Applications Pattern masters form and fit appearance models Functional prototypes performance evaluation direct manufacturing
Described Fragile more accurate Robust very functional

CNC Metal Machining

Why did you choose us?

(1) 18 years experience of customized prototype and mass production
(2) 100+ workers
(3) Reply within 8 hours
(4) 24-hour production
(5) 100% inspection , confidentiality system
You can get products 30% cheaper than US/EU or free samples,   Contact us now! 

CNC Plastic Machining

Injection Molding

Our advantage
We are devoted to provide a one-stop service with the manufacturing of prototypes and mass production for customers. Best online 3d printing models service.
1. Established in 2002, with headquarter in Singapore.
2. 7000 square meters factory in China.
3.  115 skilled technicians and engineers.
4. Advanced equipment (57 advanced equipment from Japan and Taiwan)
5. Rich processing technology(18 years of rich processing technology and Management experience)
6. ISO9001 certificate
7. SGS authorized company
8. Top quality and competitive price (normally 30% cheaper than US/Europe)
9. Focus on customer needs with high quality and fast delivery

Vacuum Casting Service

sheet metal fabricating

Surface Finishing


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