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3D Printing service , SLA and SLS

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    SLA(Application of stereolithogrphy) is an oldest technology of rapid prototyping. This tech is one of the lowest costs in making prototypes, based on any 3D datas, it uses a laser to cure a solid resin layer at a time exactly replicating the 3D rendition of the model, into any geometry quickly and accurately.                                                                                     

    3d printing is utilized for many prototyping applications. Our most popular resin is imported 14120 from SOMOS n USA; with toughness similar to ABS, it is suitable for a vast range of models and purposes. Our SLA machines are manufactured in China with imported Japanese parts and utilizing German engineering knowhow. We ensure the tolerances are controlled to +0.05 mm and neither the complexity of the structure or Surface presents any problems.       

   3d printion is a UV curable epoxy resin based system.It is an epoxy resin which is suitable for fast prototyping and manufacturing applications.Normally the parts that are produce from SLA are use as master models and transfer to Urethane castings using Silicone Rubber Molds(SRM)to do the parts duplication.



     Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is one of the most frequently used systems for providing strong durable models. This system is generally used for function applications, or where the model will be required to be tested physically. Basic SLS models are manufactured utilizing a fine nylon powder (Pa). To this core, or base material, additives that enhance or alter the performance characteristics of the material can be added such as Glass Beads (GF 20%), and Carbon Strand (Carbonmide) for instance. Where extra strength and flexibility is required for features such as live hinges for example.

    Kaierwo 3D printing service models are dispatched within 3-4 days from receipt of good quality STL, IGES, or STEP CAD files.
   3D printing(SLA/SLS) has been used to many fields, medical, military, industry, household areas etc, our own factory 3D is only limited into plastic parts for mass applications, the advantage of this printer help us to shorten greatly time cost in make the first samples, although it has great weakness that is broken easily, however with our vacuum casting service, and much suitable products would be created within 5 days.

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