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Sheet Metal Fabrication

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What is sheet metal?

Sheet metal, a processing technology, has not yet had a relatively complete definition of sheet metal. According to a definition in a foreign professional journal, it can be defined as: sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets (usually below 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/compositing, folding, riveting, splicing, Forming (such as car body). Its remarkable feature is the same thickness of the same part.


Customized sheet metal processing


Process characteristics

Sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, and large-scale mass production performance. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, automotive industry, medical equipment, etc. In computer cases, mobile phones, and MP3s, sheet metal is an essential part. With the increasing use of sheet metal, the design of sheet metal parts has become an important part of the product development process. Mechanical engineers must master the design skills of sheet metal parts, so that the design of sheet metal meets the product. The functions and appearance requirements make the stamping die simple to manufacture and low in cost.


Sheet metal processing services

Materials Utilized:

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminium, Beryllium Copper, Nickel Alloys, Brass, Copper

Industries Served:
Electronics, Medical Device, Telecommunications, Automotive or Transportation, Electrical Appliances, Computer, Industrial Equipment.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricated Products:
Cages, Cabinets, Enclosures, Brackets, Covers, Manifolds, Vent Hoods, Medical Parts, Other Appliances Components, Boxes,

Surface finishing for Sheet Metal Parts:

Anodizing, Painting, Passivating, Powder Coating, Plating.

Kaierwo produce sheet metal from simple bending to precision complex parts. Kaierwo has created services for prototyping and volume production with super quality, competitive pricing and quick turnaround.


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Sheet metal processing China
Sheet metal processing services

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