Quality Inspection

KaierWo is ISO9001 2015 (for Quality Management Systems) and ISO 13485(for Medical Devices) certified company, We strictly check and control the process from production, delivery until customer feedback with QC tool and testing equipment. The inspector strictly verify according to inspection procedures to ensure the product are made with exactly you ordered. Working in a ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our precise equipment and strict processes ensure us to provide high-quality prototypes for global client.

About our quality inspection

About our quality inspection

KaierWo is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485(for Medical Devices) certified.

When quoting , our production engineers will review the data and requirement , and provide the DFM if needed.

KaierWo applys a raw materials control system in KaierWo to make sure all the materials we sourcing is perfectly match the specification of our clients . We also provide testing certifications of materials if required for approval.

During the production, KaierWo guarantees the on-line and off-line inspection to ensure that the parts KaierWo produces meet your exact specifications. Quality control will be strictly executed throughout all production steps for quality assurance.

First article inspection , also support to provide the FAI report.

Before the packing, KaierWo has the final inspection , which will check all the quality details by KaierWo: QC.

KaierWo concerns the safety packing . For different sizes and materials production KaierWo: will adopt different packing methods to keep products

How to control the quality?

We focus on every detail.Good quality is the foundation that we depend on for survival.

Our QC team has a wealth of experience in quality control, we guarantee that each part can be fully inspected before shipping.

Our inspection points include:

FQC: The ultimate quality control; test the quality of products after all the processes have been completed.

IQC: Material quality control; it confirms the quality of the procurement of materials.

IPQC: Quality control of the process from the production to packaging.

OQC: Quality control of the shipment and works as a comprehensive check to confirm quality and ensure that customers receive consistent content that has been agreed upon.

QE: Seeks to test, control and improve the process to improve product quality from the quality control of the sample to production.

What make KaierWo be outstanding in quality control ? Experts from QC team and the advanced inspection equipment absolutely the answer for that .

Quality Control Standard

To consistently exceed customer expectations, our quality control and assurance is achieved through

  • 1.Comprehensive written procedures and policies.

  • 2.Fully equipped inspection department

  • 3.Detailed records of incoming raw material.

  • 4.Consistent calibration and labeling of inspection tools.

  • 5.Optional XRF analysis reports.

  • 6.Designated areas for non conformationg parts.

  • 7.Analysis of root cause of non-conformances.

  • 8.Staff members being strongly encouraged to suggest.


We attach great importance to customers' needs for product quality and rapid production.

We always insist that meeting customers' needs is to realize our value!