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What are the causes of CNC machining errors?

338 Published by admin Aug 01,2019

CNC machining is active in all fields, whether you are aerospace, medical, automotive, intelligent equipment or daily supplies and other industries need the participation of CNC machining, but CNC machining is using heavy equipment, a little careless may cause serious consequences, then what are the causes of CNC machining errors?

CNC machining

1. Human factors

1) inattention: when operators are inattention during CNC machining, unnecessary mistakes may be caused, and even the machine tools may be damaged or even life safety may be endangered.

2) wrong understanding: operators do not fully understand CNC machining drawing files, which may easily cause machining errors.

3) novice errors: novice operators are prone to mechanical errors due to lack of CNC processing experience.

4) unexpected errors: errors in CNC machining caused by some abnormal conditions, such as the failure of CNC machining equipment accessories, and the falling off of tooling and fixtures during machining.

5) intentional error: the human error caused by the operator due to some personal reasons is very bad.

2. Programming errors

1) the base of the coordinate is set as 0, while the top is set as 0 in the actual processing.

2) the safety height is too low, resulting in the tool can not be completely lifted out of the work.

3) the gross margin of the second opening is less than the previous one.

4) analyze and check the path of the program after the program is written.

CNC system

3, program single remarks error

1) the number of one-side collisions is written into four sides.

2) the clamping distance of the bench clamp or the protruding distance of the workpiece are marked incorrectly.

3) it is not clear that the length of the tool is extended or it is wrong, leading to the impact of the knife.

4) the program sheet should be as detailed as possible.

5) the principle of replacing the old program with the new one should be adopted when the program program is changed: destroy the old program.

4. Tool measurement error

1) tool setting data input is not considered.

2) the knife is too short.

3) tool measurement should use scientific methods, using more accurate instruments as far as possible.

4) the length of mounting knife should be 2-5mm longer than the actual depth.

CNC machining

5, program transmission error

1) the program number is called incorrectly or the program has been modified, but the old program is still used for processing.

2) the site processor must check the detailed data of the procedure before processing.

During the nc machining due to human or machine tools to hit the workpiece or machine tool or head, light person is damaged knives and machining parts, the person that weigh will damage the machine components, make the machining accuracy of machine tool is lost, or even cause safety accident, need to learn UG programming in the QQ group of 304214709 I can give you help, study guides.Therefore, familiar with the causes of nc machining errors before nc machining can help reduce the occurrence of errors, reduce nc machining accidents and improve the safety rate of nc machining.

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